Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition, Supplement #2

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"Sir, what is that? It is registering as tougher than our X-ship!"

"Lieutenant, that is a second-generation X-ship. Luckily, we aren't after the convoy it is protecting. Move out and report this to the admiral."

Long unavailable except in the second-hand market, we are releasing Supplement #2 in PDF. The buyer is reminded that the first-generation X-ships were heavily revised for the Captain's Edition of Star Fleet Battles. The second-generation X-ships presented here do not combine well with the ships in the later edition of SFB.

Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition, Supplement #2 includes new rules, new SSDs, information about the "Trade Wars" era, six new scenarios, and a patrol campaign. Some existing scenarios and campaigns have suggestions for modification to use the new ships. Images for 108 counters are also included.

This has been scanned from the best available copy. You will need Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition Volume I to use this material. Volumes II and III will be needed for some aspects.

Please note that this title was designed by Mike Thompson.