Star Fleet Battles: Advanced Missions SSD Book 2014 (Color)

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"Captain, congratulations. You have brought your ship through its basic tour. Now we have an advanced mission for you. Good luck!"

Newly updated in 2014, the Star Fleet Battles Advanced Missions SSD Book is now available in colorized SSDs, making it easy for you to quickly identify each ship's systems. This 144-page book includes such classic ships as the Federation galactic survey cruiser, Klingon D7C command cruiser and B10 battleship, Romulan King Eagle command cruiser, Kzinti drone frigate, Gorn dreadnought, Tholian dreadnought and TK5 destroyer, and Orion Battle Raider. It also has SSDs for a monitor and a fleet repair dock as well as ground-based defenses. All the SSDs now have updated notes which are comparable to modern SSD releases. The Advanced Missions SSD Book does require the SFB rulebook to fully utilize the SSDs.