Space Opera Passenger Generator

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In space opera settings that allow the PCs to own their own ship, transporting passengers is a common occurrence. But coming up with unique passengers for each trip can be a real drag for the gamemaster - all too often they get relegated to a simple "you find 5 people who want to travel".

Space Opera Passenger Generator provides a busy gamemaster with a series of tables allowing you to quickly and easily come up with unique passengers. These tables allow you to generate the details about the passenger, and the reason why they are travelling. Naming passengers is no problem either, with a handy list of 110 names to pick from. Also included are optional "complications" - a quick and easy way to create plots and adventures tied to the passengers.

Three fully detailed passenger groups (with description, travel reasons, and complications) are also provided, ready for use in any futuristic campaign.

Space Opera Passenger Generator can be used with any system.

Written by Jason Anderson