Space Gamer #53

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Space Gamer #53 (cover date July 1982) reaches for a star, catches it, and wraps it up in a bite-sized bundle, with classic articles that are fun to read!

In addition to the regular game reviews, news, and letters, this issue includes a super-powered short story called "A Super Named John" (including write-ups for its four characters in Champions, Villains & Vigilantes, and Superhero 2044); "The Newcomers," the finale in the series of Traveller adventures (preceded by "Flare Star" from Space Gamer #46, "Storm" from Space Gamer #48, and "Periastron" from Space Gamer #50); Steve Jackson's tongue-in-cheek look at sci-fi and fantasy equipment we hope gamers never see; "Giving the Humans an Even Break," which provides optional rules to give humanity a fighting chance in The Creature That Ate Sheboygan; more hands-on insight into programming a computer for use as a game aid; and the first installment of a column about the miniatures industry.

Whether you're a fan of old-school gaming or a historian of our hobby, each issue of Space Gamer is the perfect passport to the past!

Written by J. Andrew Keith / Steve Jackson / William Barton / Bruce Webster / John Rankin / David Myers