Star Fleet Battles Commander's Rulebook Update #2

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Update #1 simply brought the Rev. 0 of Commander's Edition of Star Fleet Battles up to Rev. 1. Update #2 adds substantially to the core rulebook. Ground combat, boarding parties, more weapons, more ships (and names for them), the introduction of the Lyran Democratic Republic, scenarios, and the Bargantine Campaign are all in this update.

  • D16 Advanced Boarding Parties: Conduct a boarding assault against an enemy starship with this unique intra-ship combat system.
  • D22 Energy Balance Due to Damage: An ultra-realistic system for assessing the effects of power lost due to battle damage during the turn.
  • FD10-15: Advanced modular drone construction, Swordfish drones fire phasers at their target, armored drones survive target defenses, Spearfish drones penetrate enemy shields.
  • FP8-10: Plasma bolts allow a direct-fire option for plasma torpedoes, Type-D torpedoes can be carried by fighters, special racks allow ships to fire Type-Ds for point defense.
  • Ships: All of the ship data from SSD Books #7, #8, and #9, plus the ships from Supplement #3, plus the ships published in the addenda (in addition to a special compilation of all of the addenda). Also included are three dozen totally new ships never before published. As a special bonus, a complete list of ship names is also included.
  • Lyran Democratic Republic: A Star Fleet Battles minor empire, the LDR is a neutral power at the junction of the Klingon, Lyran, and Hydran empires.
  • Scenarios: The 21 Nexus scenarios, which have been completely updated and reformatted.
  • The Bargantine Campaign: Just after the General War, the former Klingon Satrapy Bargantina attempted to recover the Landfalk planetary system from the Hydrans. The resulting campaign saw the deadly Exodrones fired against Hydran Harriers.
  • SSDs: Eight SSD sheets from important Star Fleet Battles starships, including three totally new ships never seen before.
  • Abbreviations: A completely updated edition of Annex #5, listing the abbreviations used in the Star Fleet Battles rules system.
  • Revisions: The bulk of this material was previously published in various issues of Nexus magazine and Captain's Log. This edition has been completely revised and updated and includes all addenda previously published and a considerable amount of totally new material. Update #2 is more than just a compilation of old material, it is an important new Star Fleet Battles module.

Note: This product adds new play situations, background material, rules, and starships for the Star Fleet Battles game system. You must have Star Fleet Battles Volume I to use this material. Some material in this product also requires other SFB volumes and products.

Written by Stephen Cole