San Angelo: City of Heroes (4th Edition)

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San Angelo is truly a City of Heroes.

Some of them soar through the sky or shoot fireballs from their fingertips. Picking up a car means no more to them than hoisting a barbell does to you or me. Incredible inventions, weird creatures and travels to bizarre places are everyday occurrences in their world.

Clad in their colorful costumes, these heroes awe, amaze and inspire the rest of us.

San Angelo is a city book for Champions 4th Edition written by Patrick Sweeney, and nominated for an Origins Award.

"I keep getting requests for an Astro City RPG; we're not planning to do one – but I think Astro City fans who want such a games should at least try out San Angelo. It's an intricate, involving, well-reasoned gaming world, and the emphasis on the reality of the surroundings and the humanity of the characters may make it just what they're looking for." – Kurt Busiek, Creator, Astro City

Written by Patrick Sweeney