Rolemaster: Rome

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Rolemaster Classic goes Classical

Rolemaster: Rome brings you everything you need to run your Rolemaster Classic game in the greatest Empire the world has ever seen: The Roman Empire. This brand-new book provides a wealth of setting detail as well as new rules to give you a whole new world of adventure for Rolemaster.

Play as a noble Patrician, a sturdy Centurion, a ferocious Gladiator, or a feared Curse-Seller. Battle Gauls, pirates, and even terrifying creatures from mythology as you make your names in the most powerful city in the world: Rome.

Rolemaster: Rome includes:

  • A customized character creation system
  • New skills, background options, and combat styles
  • 58 Rome-specific Training Packages
  • A new approach to Magic
  • A detailed guide to life in the Roman Empire, complete with equipment, costs, social life, and the military
  • A bestiary of new Roman mythological creatures

Also includes a conversion document to allow Rolemaster Rome to be used with the RMFRP & RMSS rulesets.

Written by Graham Bottley