Robot Warriors (3rd Edition)

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Welcome to the world of high-tech fantasy; the world where brave pilots and their sophisticated robot armor fight far-ranging battles with their armored adversaries for supremacy, freedom, and the love of their singing sweethearts. Some unsung creative genius in Japan first developed the idea of giant armored vehicles shaped like men that would fight with tremendous weapons against similar armored giants. The generic term, "giant robots", has come to apply to these vehicles, though in most cases the giant robots are piloted by one or more men rather than being a robot in the traditional sense of a self-willed machine. These robot warriors are sometimes part of the armed forces of a future Earth nation, sometimes soldiers fighting for Earth or another planet, and sometimes they're just wandering mercenaries. The setting for Robot Warriors is in the future when the technology exists to create huge manlike machines. Their purpose is to fight evil in whatever guise it appears, be it giant robot, alien, or beast.

Written by Steve Peterson