Red Doom (3rd Edition)

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The Supreme Soviets are the foremost hero-team of the Soviet Union, answerable directly to the Soviet Politburo. The Comintern is the more flexible Warsaw Pact supergroup, and includes agents of many different nationalities. For the Soviet Premier, these groups are political weapons to be wielded against enemies of the state. To the Communist Party, they are a dangerous reminder of the Stalinist era, when too much power was concentrated in the hands of one man. In the hands of KGB colonel Sergei Vasalov, they are the power base from which he may one day launch his own campaign to be Soviet premier. For the heads of the KGB and the GRU, they are something to be proud of – and to fear. To the average Soviet man on the street, they are heroes of the Soviet Union, something to boast about to westerners. Like the atomic missile silos that dot the Soviet countryside, the Supreme Soviets and Comintern keep the U.S.S.R. safe.

Written by David Rogers