Pyramid #3/93: Cops and Lawyers

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When Law and Order Hang in the Balance

The peal of a squad-car siren. The banging of a judge's gavel. These sounds can spell sweet relief . . . or stomach-dropping doom. This month's Pyramid brings the forces of the police and the legal systems to your gaming table.

  • "Mass Combat in the City" is GURPS Mass Combat author David Pulver's guide to police vs. large criminal groups.
  • "Above the Law" looks at laws in relation to the powers of GURPS Supers, GURPS Psionic Powers, and other paranormal abilities.
  • "Sultans, Shurta, and the Courts" considers the law of the classical Islamic world. Add flavor to GURPS Banestorm and GURPS Arabian Nights games!
  • "Marine Protector and Dolphin" delivers David L. Pulver's GURPS stats for a common boat and helicopter of the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • "Mega-Max!" showcases a superheroic prison suitable for any system.
  • "Judicium Dei" provides a primer on trials by combat and ordeal. Learn how they might work in realms with real supernatural involvement.

This issue also offers a legal-minded Random Thought Table, and another Short Bursts vignette from Matt Riggsby where the new Car Wars universe squeals into action. Whether allies or adversaries, the systems that uphold and adjudicate the law can now be part of your campaign!

Written by David L. Pulver / Christopher R. Rice / Jon Black / Nathan M.M. Meluvor / J. Edward Tremlett / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh