Pyramid #3/74: Wild West

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39-page PDF


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It's Our "Most Wanted" Pyramid Yet!

There's a strange newcomer in town . . . one that promises to shake things up for outlaws and marshals alike. It's this month's Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers! In this issue, we turn our steely focus toward Wild West gaming. The gold mine that awaits you includes:

  • "Ashiwi County," an in-depth look at the Ashiwi (or, as the Spanish called them, the Zuni) of late 19th-century New Mexico. This guide from Matt Riggsby – in a similar vein as the GURPS Hot Spots volumes he's penned – offers information on the history, religion, government, and more of this Native American culture. It also features two color maps of their central settlement.
  • "Outlaws and Arrows," a guide to porting GURPS Action to the Wild West, including two new templates, new lenses, and a boomtown of adventuring tips.
  • "Steamboats and Locomotives of the Old West," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Spaceships author David L. Pulver. It provides info and GURPS vehicle stats for two quintessential modes of Western transport.
  • "A Westward-Shambling Horde," a dozen potential Western-themed zombie scenarios from GURPS Zombies author Sean Punch.
  • "Famous Wild West Gunfights," a second-by-second dissection of six famous gunfights (real and fictional) in GURPS terms from Hans-Christian Vortisch, using the ideas and terminology from Hans' own GURPS Tactical Shooting.

This issue also includes a Random Thought Table that breaks down the Western genre into some of its component gears. Saddle up for adventure; this issue of Pyramid is the best in the West!

Written by Matt Riggsby / Christopher R. Rice / Hans-Christian Vortisch / Sean Punch / David L. Pulver / Steven Marsh