Pyramid #3/71: Spaceships II

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The Ship of Things to Come!

If we're ever to dwell among the stars, the odds are good we'll be using spaceships. Fortunately, this month's Pyramid will help ensure you're not caught empty-handed and star-struck! This armada of adventure includes:

  • "Reign of Steel: Deep Space," where GURPS Reign of Steel author David L. Pulver takes that setting nearly two decades into the future . . . and deeper into space. Learn about spaceships (in GURPS Spaceships format) from the various robot factions and get an extensive look at the desperate world of 2064.
  • "Smugglers' Blues," a look at moving high-risk, high-profit items from Point A to Point B, with insights into how the art of smuggling might change at future tech levels.
  • "Strange Objects at Rest," a collection of four systemless sleeper ships and generational spacecraft, which prove that sometimes it's best to let sleeping pods lie.
  • "Vehicle Imbuements," a system that expands the options of GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements to the realm of transportation. Let your vessels dodge, speed, ram, or self-repair like never before!
  • "The Captain's Boat," an optional GURPS tweak that helps starting heroes afford expensive starships . . . by making them Patrons!

This month's Pyramid also beams aboard a Random Thought Table that sparks your customization creativity, plus an Odds and Ends that expands space-time options by allowing innovative players to design the look and feel of a campaign. With this issue of Pyramid, you'll be exploring the final frontier like never before!

Written by David L. Pulver / Jason Brick / Rory Fansler / Christopher R. Rice / J. Edward Tremlett / Steven Marsh