Pyramid #3/67: Tools of the Trade - Villains

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Bad Guys Need Great Goodies

A grim determination to make the world a more subjugated place isn't always enough. Whether you're a fantasy monarch, a superspy mastermind, or a Nazi officer, sometimes you need an extra edge . . . something those foolish heroes will never be able to overcome. This month's Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – looks at resources that villains can use to bring their goals to fruition. This sinister installment includes:

  • "You and What Army?," a collection of tactical fantasy forces for GURPS Mass Combat, written by GURPS Locations: St. George's Cathedral author Michele Armellini. Learn each of these five groups' tactics, their leaders' motivations, and their Mass Combat stats.
  • "How Very Tempting," a GURPS guide to selling your soul for power and profit. Gain an understanding of what souls are worth, what you can get, and what happens when it's time to collect.
  • "Villain's Residence," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Psi-Tech author David L. Pulver. Drop this mansion – along with its blueprints – into any modern-day setting, and then let the heroes try to break in . . . or out, if need be.
  • "Tigerphobia," a guide to one of the most-feared German tanks in all of World War II. GURPS High-Tech co-author Hans-Christian Vortisch offers GURPS stats for the tank and its armaments, Mass Combat details for a typical German Tiger company, and other secrets.
  • "The Compleat Jumpsuit," a guide to the faceless minions who keep your operations running. Written by Matt Riggsby (of GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: The Edge of Reality fame), it features seven GURPS templates that cover a popular assortment of modern-day henchmen.
  • "Designer's Notes: GURPS Zombies," Sean Punch's insider look at the ultimate GURPS guide to the restless dead. It provides three new GURPS zombies, a campaign idea, and much more.

This month's Pyramid also includes a Random Thought Table that asks what happens if the heroes end up with this stuff. Whether you're looking to overthrow the nearby fantasy realm with some walking dead or just need a place to relax between super-spy schemes, this issue of Pyramid is a must-have for masterminds everywhere!

Written by Michele Armellini / Sean Punch / Steven Marsh / David L. Pulver / Matt Riggsby / Hans-Christian Vortisch / Christopher R. Rice