Pyramid #3/61: Way of the Warrior

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Secrets of Sword and Fist, Revealed!

With the glint of a sword, a handful of chalk, and salt tossed into the ring, those who fight are now prepared for battle. This month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – looks at the way of the warrior! This compendium for combatants includes:

  • "More Power to Dungeon Warriors!" – an expansion for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy that adds additional martial-minded power-ups to those who fight for a living. This feature is written by Peter V. Dell'Orto and Sean Punch – authors of GURPS Martial Arts – so the bards can confirm it's been forged by masters!
  • "Takedown Sequences," a look at series of offensive moves using the GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling system, written by that supplement's author, Douglas H. Cole!
  • "The Devil's Fist," this month's installment of David L. Pulver's Eidetic Memory. This fictional GURPS martial style is described from its 16th-century origins through today, making it perfect to surprise do-gooders of any era.
  • "Fusion Styles of Ytarria," David Thomas Moore's expansion for GURPS Martial Arts: Yrth Fighting Styles that didn't quite make it into that sourcebook. Learn the wonders of fusion styles, where martial arts develop from the unique melding of cultures made possible by the Banestorm.
  • "Coming to Grips with Realism," a peek behind the curtain at the development of Technical Grappling by Douglas H. Cole. Discover why some design choices were made, and revel in some bits that were cut from that supplement, including info on horizontal creatures, more harsh-realism options, tables for critical hits and misses, and more.

The issue's bout ends with a Random Thought Table that ties together baseball and gaming, plus an Odds and Ends that spotlights David Thomas Moore's campaign seeds to make best use of Yrth Fighting Styles. Whether you're interested in "might makes right" or just fighting the good fight, this month's Pyramid will show your warriors the way!

Written by Sean Punch / Peter V. Dell'Orto / Steven Marsh / Douglas H. Cole / David T Moore