Pyramid #3/56: Prehistory

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What happens before page one? Cavemen and more from the dawn of time! This month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – looks at all things prehistoric. This issue's ancient wisdom includes:

  • "Caveman Fundamentals," a collection of GURPS Fourth Edition templates and roles that will let you create a club-wielding cliff-climber in no time! It includes a new racial template, six new templates for typical cave-dwelling roles, and a new Talent.
  • "Past Presents and Future," which expands on the ideas and rules for gifting societies found in GURPS Low-Tech Companion 1: Philosophers and Kings. Written by that supplement’s co-author Matt Riggsby, this article provides everything you need to bring primitive quid pro quo to your game: game mechanics, adventure seeds, and more.
  • "Caverns of the Chronomancer," this month's Eidetic Memory by David L. Pulver (co-progenitor of the GURPS Basic Set for Fourth Edition). It's a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy adventure with a twist . . . although if you're thinking "cavemen, dinosaurs, and temporal experiments gone awry," then you're getting in the right frame of mind!
  • "Where the Snow Bleeds," a more traditional GURPS adventure outline for cavemen (or those who might interact with such a tribe). What mystery lies in the mountains – and will the heroes live to tell the tale?
  • "Prehistoric Plots," an even dozen plot ideas for how to bring the dawn of time to your gaming table.
  • "The Old Ways," a collection of 29 new spells (plus rules and insight) that bring primitive magical flavor to the Ritual Path Magic system found in GURPS Monster Hunters.
  • "First and Foremost," a short Appendix Z article from GURPS Assistant Line Editor Jason "PK" Levine that shows how to be (or become) the first one ever to know a GURPS skill or ability.

This month's Random Thought Table looks at how you can keep 'em guessing even when they know the ending, Odds and Ends draws inspiration from the idea of "modern," and Murphy's Rules is more lost than normal. With this month's Pyramid, you can grab your mate, see what the night life has to offer, and go clubbing – like never before!

Written by Michele Armellini / David L. Pulver / Jason Levine / Christopher R. Rice / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh / J. Edward Tremlett / Megan McDonald