Pyramid #3/53: Action

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Push the speedometer needle to the right with this issue of Pyramid the PDF magazine for roleplayers. It's action-packed – in more ways than one! This month's impossible heist includes:

  • "Buddies and Loners," a look at how to emulate those small-group action-movie antics. Written by GURPS Action architect Sean Punch, this feature includes GURPS lenses for that series, plus assumptions, adventure tips, and even a couple of new advantages.
  • "Extended Action!" This trove by popular GURPS author Phil Masters expands the Action possibilities to past and future, with a new template and lenses. Now you can be a kid again – literally – or get involved in a horseback chase.
  • "Hell on Wheels," a military vehicle that's at home in any heavy-hitting GURPS game. Written by GURPS Gun Fu co-author Hans-Christian Vortisch, this article gives you a complete rundown of the Cadillac Gage Commando: its history, features, and campaign ideas, plus stats for two versions of this rugged ride.
  • "Dogfight Action!" The name alone promises aerial antics, and David L. Pulver (author of GURPS Mass Combat) delivers in this month's Eidetic Memory. Take the Action rules for vehicular chases to the sky . . . and ramp up the action with stats for some common fighters and their weapons.
  • "Dealing With the Law," a systemless look at how to handle a law-enforcement entanglement. Learn what to do . . . and what not to do.
  • "I've Got a Great Idea," an optional GURPS rule that lets you speed up pre-mission planning by supporting on-the-fly inspiration. This great idea is written by Roger Burton West, author of GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live.
  • "The Red Swords," a fictional secret organization that combines merciful medicine with manic missions. Suitable for any modern-day setting, it includes some ideas for Action heroes and campaigns.
  • "Fortunately, I Saw This Coming," optional "retroaction" rules and advantages for those times when your hero is smarter than you, written by GURPS Monster Hunters author Jason "PK" Levine.

This issue also presents a Random Thought Table that looks at how motivational money can be, Odds and Ends that complicate things, and a Murphy's Rules that auto know better. Don't wait for the opening credits – get the best seat in the house with this issue!

Written by Sean Punch / Hans-Christian Vortisch / Phil Masters / David L. Pulver / Roger Burton West / Jason Levine / Steven Marsh / J. Edward Tremlett / Jason Brick