Pyramid #3/51: Tech and Toys III

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It's the Tech of the Town!

There's one fact that science-fiction fans may have noticed: The future keeps getting more awesome! This month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – is devoted to futuristic technology and gear. Our cutting-edge cache includes:

  • "Ultra-Tech Too," a collection of items from Kenneth Peters – the co-author of GURPS Ultra-Tech – that couldn't fit in that original volume. It includes new weapons, defenses, and other underlying tech you can add to a myriad of futuristic settings.
  • "Live Better With Cybernetics," an assortment of new GURPS options and add-ons for those who like their gear to be close at hand.
  • "Modular Mecha," this month's installment of Eidetic Memory by David L. Pulver (the other co-author of Ultra-Tech). It uses the GURPS Spaceships foundation to make quick-and-easy rideable robots.
  • "Near-Future Combat Uniforms," a look at how folks might defend themselves from the dangers of tomorrow – including GURPS stats for the provided protective garb!
  • "The Psi-Sword," a short-and-sweet Appendix Z from GURPS Psionic Powers author Jason "PK" Levine that lets you hone your psionic-fueled rapier wits into . . . well, something more literal.

The issue upgrades you to the latest in Random Thought Table technology with a philosophical look at tech advancements, plus Odds and Ends that includes a laser-sharp Murphy's Rules as well as some advanced ideas. You'll be on the cutting edge with this issue of Pyramid – in more ways than one!

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Written by David L. Pulver / Jason Levine / Kenneth Peters / Steven Marsh / Demi Benson / Dan Howard