Pyramid #3/48: Secret Magic

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Good Magicians Never Reveal the Secret

Magic lurks in shadows, and many who practice the impossible do so discreetly. This month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – is devoted to secret magic and those who maintain the supernatural subterfuge. Our ghostly grimoire includes:

  • "Magical Tradecraft," an expansion of the Ritual Path magic system found in GURPS Monster Hunters 1: Champions. Use these new rituals and elixirs to aid sneaky snoops and obscured assassins.
  • "The Way of the Keepers," a new magical style that utilizes GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles and focuses on suppressing the secret of magical knowledge.
  • "The Street Sign of the Four," a neighborhood of modern-day mages (complete with GURPS stats) that will do anything to guard their terrible secret.
  • "Bibliomancy," this month's installment of David L. Pulver's Eidetic Memory. Wizards use books for casting spells; now they can cast new GURPS spells related to books.
  • "The First Resistance," a loose alliance of rebel mages (who use another new GURPS magical style) in a kingdom where magical abilities are suppressed.
  • "The Accidental Magus," suggestions for creating magic-wielding characters who don't always realize what they can do.
  • "The Guard of the Black Lands," an organization in the Middle East that works diligently to protect the world from the darkest magic.
  • "Onomancy," a new GURPS method for using your identity to gain spellcasting energy, written by Jason "PK" Levine.

The issue is rounded out with a Random Thought Table that discusses ways of making divination truly useful, William H. Stoddard's concise revelation of a secret path to power that students of the GURPS Locations: Worminghall could discover, plus a Murphy's Rule that's pretty heavy. The secret's safe with this month's magical Pyramid!

Written by Michele Armellini / David L. Pulver / William H. Stoddard / Jason Levine / Christopher R. Rice / Steven Marsh / Loki Carbis / David Lichtenstein / J. Edward Tremlett / Jason Brick