Pyramid #3/42: Noir

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Make Your Way in a World of Gray

The shadows from the streaks of rain form lines like prison bars across the wall of your office. Who can you trust in this questionable world? Only yourself . . . and Pyramid the PDF magazine for roleplayers. This month we turn our black-and-white gaze on the world of noir:

  • "The Zephyr Club," an adventurous locale for any mostly modern milieu. Written by Matt Riggsby (author of GURPS Locations: The Tower of Octavius and others), this place includes magnificent maps plus key GURPS details for its staff. The Zephyr Club is a great place to begin a memorable adventure . . . or end it!
  • "The Gameable Bouncer," a look at a timeless profession. In addition to the basics of the biz, this guide to keeping the private-club peace includes three GURPS templates.
  • "Human, Flawed" – a collection of eight GURPS supporting-cast members that might populate a hard-boiled world. Your mean streets will come alive when you have a cynical politician, a plucky young reporter, a neutral gangster, and more at your fingertips!
  • "The Gathering Will," a ready-to-use plot device for bringing together those solitary noir heroes . . . and keeping them together – 'til death do they part!
  • "The House of the Sun," a den of iniquity, intrigue, and danger suitable for any campaign daring enough to add some 1930s San Francisco sin to their shadowy setting.
  • "The Femme Fatale," an exploration of an old and ominous trope, complete with a look at some GURPS traits that are most suitable for this mischief-maker.

This Pyramid also presents a criminal Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, plus Steven Marsh's rain-soaked Random Thought Table. Let this issue's illumination help you out of the dark . . . and into the world of noir!

Written by Michele Armellini / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh / J. Edward Tremlett / Jason Brick / Cal Godot