Pyramid #3/30: Spaceships

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Your Ticket to the Stars!

Let's face it – If you had any plans for leaving our world, you'd need a spaceship. This month's Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – is devoted to the craft, captains, and complications of interplanetary travel. This issue's itinerary will take you to the following destinations:

  • "Practical Astromancy," a look at off-world exploits in GURPS Technomancer. Written by Kenneth Peters (author of Transhuman Space: Spacecraft of the Solar System), this guide includes details of that setting's solar system – including the moon's Kennedy Base – plus descriptions of how its magic-fueled spaceships work. It provides full GURPS Spaceships stats for the Trailblazer-class survey ship and the Yetzirah-class space station.
  • "One With the Ship," presenting cyber-powered possibilities for spaceship pilots. This article includes a full 150-point GURPS template for the interface pilot, plus customization notes, new cybernetics that augment the implant options from GURPS Ultra-Tech, optional advantages and rules for interfacing with a vessel, a sample pilot, and more!
  • "Mass Combat in Space," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. With these optional rules, you can combine GURPS Spaceships with the large-scale-combat system from GURPS Mass Combat and conquer the galaxy!
  • "Sky Galleys," a look at the impossible interplanetary craft that populate the Roma Universalis setting (first seen in Pyramid #3/20: Infinite Worlds). Use the optional new Spaceships components to build their astral armadas, board one of the two constructed vessels, and use one of the three GURPS templates to gather your crew. For the glory of Rome, the void awaits!
  • "Hunter-Gatherer," an off-world experience set aboard a derelict starship. Written by Stephen Dedman (co-author of GURPS Space Atlas 4), this adventure includes full GURPS stats for the enigmatic titular vehicle and nine alien lifeforms who will make life difficult for the explorers.

This Pyramid also presents Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, and other Odds and Ends. Fly into tomorrow in style with this issue!

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Written by David L. Pulver / Kenneth Peters / Steven Marsh / Ken Spencer / W.A. Frick / Stephen Dedman