Pyramid #3/25: Epic Magic

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Are you looking to put the magic back in your game? Are you looking for something epic? Then this month's Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – gives you both, with a theme of "Epic Magic." This over-the-top arcane issue includes:

  • "All the Epic Ways," a description of six different methods to work high-powered magical effects into a GURPS campaign. It includes an extended example that reveals different possibilities for the Seven Songs of Apollo!
  • "The Skystone Castle and Other Wonders," written by David Pulver, co-author of GURPS Fourth Edition and creator of the GURPS Spaceships system. This feature uses the GURPS Spaceships system to construct three impossible feats of magic: a giant flying castle, an orichalcum dragon, and a gargantuan six-legged sphinx.
  • "Essential Magic," which adds 25 new and mysterious spells to the GURPS Magic system. Harness the power of phlogiston, hellfire, alkahest, and more.
  • "Al-Abyad's Astrolabe," an impossible artifact designed for the GURPS Banestorm setting but usable in any magical milieu. This device, straddling science and sorcery, can rearrange the stars themselves to suit the needs of the mage!
  • "The World Maker," an epic eldritch enigma that introduces the titular artifact and the mysterious Toymaker. Why settle for holding the world in your hand when you can grasp more than one?
  • "Quartermaster Mage," a look at a vital profession for building and maintaining fantasy armies. Learn the effects of GURPS Magic spells on keeping an army fed and prepared, design a GURPS mage with the quartermaster template, and meet the mighty Captain Auric of Craine (complete with GURPS stats).

In addition, this Pyramid also pulls a few other rabbits out of its hat – Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, and other Odds and Ends. When the impossible isn't enough, this issue gives you more!

Written by David L. Pulver / Steven Marsh / Mark Gellis / Antoni Ten Monros / C.J. Miozzi / Marcus Connors / J. Edward Tremlett