Pyramid #3/24: Bio-Tech

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This month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – celebrates life . . . with bio-tech! This futuristic folio features:

  • "Biomecha," a guide to powerful, living, organic battlesuits. This article – written by GURPS Bio-Tech co-author and fan-favorite David Pulver – includes a full overview of this anime-style genre, campaign ideas, and sample GURPS templates and guidelines. These mighty morphing mortal mecha will really grow on you!
  • "Martian Tech," a collection of new biological equipment fresh from the Red Planet. Designed to work with the Roma Universalis alternate Earth presented in Pyramid #3/20: Infinite Worlds, this material can be useful to any campaign that features alien or unusual biological equipment.
  • "Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals," featuring 10 new drugs that build on material from GURPS Bio-Tech. Written by Pyramid editor Steven Marsh, these drugs will speed you up, knock you down, and plug you into strange and alien life.
  • "Terra Incognita: Adleman Bank," a strange encounter with someone who goes beyond living at his office! It includes GURPS stats for this unusual entity.
  • "The Children of Inzanami," a campaign framework that brings bioengineering to the stars, resulting in strange "creatures" having more in common with humanity than anyone knows . . .

In addition, Pyramid also provides lots of bits that make a magazine fun – a new character sheet that's ideal for those with biomods, cyberware, and other body-part-specific oddities; Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland; Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table; and other Odds and Ends. Let's face facts: If you're alive, you need this issue!

Written by David L. Pulver / Steven Marsh / Ken Spencer / C.J. Miozzi / J. Edward Tremlett