Pyramid #3/23: Action Adventures

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Full throttle – and beyond! This month's Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – injects adrenaline into your veins with "Action Adventures." Our most adventure-filled issue ever gives four scenarios, providing fast-paced frantic fuel perfect for your favorite action-tied RPG system – especially GURPS Action! This issue includes:

  • "Blowups Happen," an adventure that begins with a light-fingered maid and ends with heavy-duty explosives. Written by Stephen Dedman – co-author of GURPS Martial Arts Adventures – this scenario includes full stats for GURPS and is perfect for GURPS Action. Get your "bang" skills ready!
  • "Night of the Megacarp," a modern-day tale that comes straight from the direct-to-DVD section of your imagination. Can humanity survive nature's revenge? It comes with GURPS stats for the main threat and Action info, but the core is fine for civic-minded heroes of any system.
  • "Operation Sun Dog" reopens a long-closed chapter of World War II. A mission to a former Nazi base isn't what it seems, and a straightforward operation becomes a fight for survival. It includes a description of the base, recommendations for Action, and enough systemless details that the players will treat every cough with suspicion.
  • "Calamity Road," a lighthearted outline that provides the challenge and the challengers, then sits back and lets the parts collide on the open road. No stats here – just the recipe for a raucous race. Let the green flag wave!
  • "Chase Cards," a ready-to-use reference that makes running GURPS Action chases quicker and easier.

In addition, this Pyramid includes all the extras that make a death-dealing desperado smile – Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, and other Odds and Ends. Cover your ears – this issue goes to 11!

Written by Steven Marsh / Ken Spencer / Timothy Turnipseed / J. Edward Tremlett / Stephen Dedman