Pyramid #3/20: Infinite Worlds

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In an infinite universe, the possibilities are endless – and when we're talking about the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting, that goes double! This month, Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – explores the unending possibilities. This issue includes:

  • "Infinite Teleportation," a slew of new abilities presented by Jason "PK" Levine for mental masters using the GURPS Psionic Powers system. Although there are a few tricks specific to the Infinite Worlds, many of these abilities are useful anywhere – including the power to leave a teleport "tunnel" behind you, move preternaturally out of the way of projectiles, or translocate equipment into your hand from any distance!
  • "Roma Universalis," a strange setting where Romans use impossible ships to sail the solar system. All roads lead to Rome – even those traveled by Venusian warriors and Martian scientists!
  • "The Red Rockets' Glare," an alternate timeline where the Soviets were more successful in space exploration than the Americans. Red sky in morning foretells a great warning . . .
  • "Cyberme," a near-future world where impossible anime tropes collide with gritty cyberpunk realities, creating a strange society. It includes GURPS rules for Cyberme battlesuits, vampires, and cat people!
  • "More Hell Parallels," a sampling of four places where folks are dying to escape! Written by Stephen Dedman (GURPS Dinosaurs), this collection includes zombies, super-fast mutants, and post-apocalyptic punks.

In addition, this jam-packed Pyramid also has the usual crossworld contributions – Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, and other Odds and Ends. With this issue, there's no time like the present to plan the future!

Written by Jason Levine / Steven Marsh / Mark Gellis / Ken Spencer / J. Edward Tremlett / Stephen Dedman