Pyramid #3/16: Historical Exploration

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For this month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – we hoist the sails of adventure and assemble a crew ready for "Historical Exploration." This seafaring installment includes:

  • "An Age of Sails," a world where the siren's call of the ocean sets the stage for amazing discoveries. This detailed alternate timeline can be used by cross-time explorers in the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting or as a stand-alone campaign in a world of intrigue, mysteries, and secrets.
  • "City of the Caesars," about the legendary city that's eluded treasure seekers for almost 500 years. Supposedly built between a mountain of diamonds and gold, the secrets it contains could be even more spectacular.
  • "Minding Your Manners," an essay that details some of the perils and pitfalls of interacting with other cultures. Exploration is never easy when furious natives shun you because of perceived slights . . .
  • "Languages, Culture, and the Common Tongue," a set of alternative rules for GURPS campaigns that allow for new language options, including realistic or cinematic justification for a universal language!
  • "The Vikings in the Atlantic," a look at when man and nature collide. Graeme Davis – author of GURPS Vikings – provides a historical overview and adventure ideas involving these hearty explorers in Iceland, Greenland, Vinland, and beyond.
  • "The Fountain of Youth," perhaps the quintessential goal for optimistic fortune-hunters. This essay describes what the fountain might be, how it might affect the world, and the logistics of incorporating its abilities into a setting.

In addition, Pyramid also gives voyagers plenty of smaller discoveries that make a magazine fun – an Expedition Log to record exploits (including graph paper with three different grids), Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, and other Odds and Ends. This issue offers passage to countless exciting adventures!

Written by Steven Marsh / Andy Vetromile / Kelly Pedersen / Demi Benson / Alan Leddon / Graeme Davis / J. Edward Tremlett