Pyramid #3/14: Martial Arts

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With this month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – we leap into action with the theme of "Martial Arts." This action-packed installment includes:

  • "Hardcore," a modern-day GURPS Martial Arts adventure designed for a group of high-octane investigators looking to break up an illegal underground fighting club run by a two-fisted Femme Fatale. Do they infiltrate as one of the fighters, con their way in as part of the audience, or chart another course? Written by Stephen Dedman, co-author of GURPS Martial Arts Adventures.
  • "The Three Brothers Schools of Martial Arts," a description of three GURPS Martial Arts styles conceived by brothers with the means, motive, and martial method to bring mayhem to the city. Though designed for modern-day campaigns, these styles can be incorporated into almost any past or future setting that includes feuding brothers.
  • "Fight While in Flight," five new GURPS Martial Arts styles that provide furious-fisted feats for those not constrained to two feet on the ground. Whether you're a super-hero flyer, a winged wonder, or the rider of a flying mount, you'll find something here that gives you an eagle-eyed edge.
  • "The Groom of the Spider Princess," an epic campaign-adventure that combines wuxia with Lovecraftian horror into something awful and awesome. This tale, suitable for any system that can handle wire-flying fighters and fearsome foes, starts with a wedding and ends with a bargain. In between, there are a lot of spidery threats.

In addition, Pyramid also provides plenty of bits that make a magazine fun – a card-based system to devise off-the-cuff tournaments, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, a short encounter set on unstable ground, and other Odds and Ends. Whether you're a sure-footed student or a martial-arts master, this issue of Pyramid is more satisfying than a last-second knockout!

Written by Steven Marsh / Kelly Pedersen / Alan Leddon / J. Edward Tremlett / Stephen Dedman