Pyramid #3/119: After the End II

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The future is what you remake it.

Heroes, the time has come to dust off the ashes of the old world and make way for the new! This month's Pyramid the PDF magazine for roleplayers – revisits GURPS After the End, with new post-apocalyptic excitement and adventure. Fight back against werewolf oppressors who would seek to subjugate humanity before it can rebuild. Discover three ready-to-use adventure ideas from GURPS Reign of Steel author David L. Pulver. Unleash new possibilities for open-world plot structures. This issue of Pyramid also includes a special section for The Fantasy Trip. With this month's Pyramid, the fun is just beginning!

Written by David L. Pulver / William F. Hostman / Chip Limeburner / Guy McLimore / Nathan M.M. Meluvor / Jack Sinnott / J. Edward Tremlett / Steven Marsh