Pyramid #3/108: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game III

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The dungeons are more dangerous than ever.

Sharpen your sword and summon your friends; you'll need them to survive! This issue of Pyramid the PDF magazine for roleplayers – expands the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game by bringing you more of what you're hunting for. Learn how to augment existing monsters with Dungeon Fantasy RPG designer Sean Punch, and use those methods on nine new creatures of myth and legend. Uncover the secrets of David L. Pulver's "Hydra Island," where death lurks just a soggy step away. With this issue, your tombs are stocked and adventure awaits; all that's needed is your heroes!

Written by Sean Punch / Peter V. Dell'Orto / David L. Pulver / Christopher R. Rice / Warren Wilson / Steven Marsh