Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime

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This issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – covers "Crime and Grime," and it's criminally full of helpful and fun ideas for a medieval- or fantasy-themed campaign. Whether your adventurers are agents of law and order, actively oppose those agents, or just want to stay out of the way, they're sure to find something they can use. This issue contains:

  • "The Justiciar," a new template for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, written by GURPS line editor Sean Punch!
  • "On De Medici's Secret Service," about a covert organization that keeps the peace in Florence. Written by GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence author Matt Riggsby, this article comes with a full-color map of the famous city!
  • "Holy Dirty Money," a description of a widespread type of serious crime commonplace in medieval times that is almost non-existent today.
  • "Dominion," a full campaign that puts the heroes in the role of the king's agents, responsible for upholding law and order. This setting framework can be used by itself or overlaid onto an existing campaign!
  • "Cruel and Unusual," a discussion of 18 punishments that can serve as the springboard for adventure.
  • "Deal the Loot," a card-based method to bridge the gulf between quick-and-dirty robbery or pickpocketing rolls and lengthy roleplaying sessions.

In addition, Pyramid locks up more goodies that make a magazine fun – including Odds and Ends, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, reviews and recommendations that fit the theme, and a "Last Word," where we ask an industry notable to pick a word or phrase related to the issue's theme. This month, Simon Washbourne – author of the Medieval Mysteries RPG – gives us the last word on medieval crime and grime.

Written by Sean Punch / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh / Andy Vetromile / Matthew Pook / Kyla Ward / J. Edward Tremlett