Pyramid #3/04: Magic on the Battlefield

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This month's installment of Pyramid the PDF magazine for roleplayers – is entitled "Magic on the Battlefield." It's 40 pages dedicated to warfare and wizardry, and includes:

  • GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's description of a group of martial mages, using both GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles and GURPS Mass Combat!
  • Rules for armor that expand on the ideas in GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements, applying them to defense!
  • How the GURPS Magic system would affect navies and seafaring warfare.
  • An NPC group that takes battlefield scavenging to its logical (and gruesome) extreme.
  • Ready-to-print Battle Strategy cards that make GURPS Mass Combat more fast and furious!
  • Two essays on what the intersection of magic and the battlefield would really mean.

In addition, Pyramid continues to supply the bits that make a magazine fun – including Odds and Ends, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, reviews and recommendations that fit the theme, and a "Last Word," where we ask an industry luminary to pick a word or phrase related to the issue's theme. This month, Jeff Vogel, creator of the Geneforge computer games, gives the last word on battlefield magic.

Written by Sean Punch / Steven Marsh / Andy Vetromile / Matthew Pook / Brian Rogers / Kelly Pedersen / Demi Benson / J. Edward Tremlett