Pyramid Classic #30

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Pyramid Issue 30 was the final paper issue, bringing the five-year run to a close in March 1998. It wasn't the end of Pyramid, of course, as the publication continued – first as a weekly online gaming magazine, and then as a monthly PDF that is rocking readers to this day! Issue 30 featured "Survival of the Fittest," a complete adventure for Shadowrun, the GURPS Cyberpunk adventure "Gothic Surf Shop," a look at autoduelling in Japan, tough jobs for angels in In Nomine, and how to acquire respect in GURPS Discworld. And, of course, there's news, columns, Warehouse 23, Q&A, Bruno!, Murphy's Rules, and more!

NOTE: Because of the occasional corrupted page or missed file in the archiving process, as well as a number of ads that were never built as electronic files, some of the pages in this PDF are scanned in from our paper archives. But every page we could recover from electronic files, we did.

This issue of Pyramid is otherwise exactly as it was originally published. Enjoy.