Pyramid Classic #13

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Issue #13 of Pyramid was far from unlucky, featuring Steffan O' Sullivan's "Yrth 1100" campaign for GURPS Fantasy 2/e, an adventure for GURPS Atomic Horror 2/e, Designer's Notes for GURPS Places of Mystery, and more! There's a sneak peek at the Ice Age expansion for Magic: The Gathering, a generic Old West setting, and more goodies for INWO, along with the usual industry news, columns, reviews, Bruno!, and Murphy's Rules!

Please note that the two free Ice Age cards promised on the front cover of this issue do not come with the PDF.

And as with all issues of Pyramid Warehouse 23 offers, because of the occasional corrupted page or missed file in the archiving process, as well as a number of ads that were never built as electronic files, some of the pages in this PDF are scanned in from our paper archives. But every page we could recover from electronic files, we did.