Pyramid Classic Bundle #1-30

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30 PDFs (totaling 2,602 pages) in a single Zip file


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The first 30 issues of Pyramid Magazine were packed with 1990s gaming intel. Get this bundle, and you'll see ads from that era, plus nostalgic content for GURPS, Ogre, Toon, In Nomine, and plenty of titles from outside SJ Games. Articles include: Details on a new bloodline for Vampire: The Masquerade, considerations of the new phenomena of "collectable card games," and new adventures for Castle Falkenstein.

NOTE: Because of the occasional corrupted page or missed file in the archiving process, as well as a number of ads that were never built as electronic files, some of the pages in these PDFs are scanned in from our paper archives. But every page we could recover from electronic files, we did.

These issues of Pyramid are otherwise exactly as they were originally published. Enjoy.