Penumbra: Unhallowed Halls

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80 pages


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What happens when science leads to terror?

Deep within the hallowed halls of Grimm Thorpe University, a grim line is crossed when a professor's experiments in alchemy and magic transform innocents into grotesque monstrosities. The power of transmutation is enticing, to say the least – those who re-create the created know what it is to bear the mantle of godhood, if only for an instant. A brush with godhood could lead down the crooked path to damnation . . .

This book includes:

  • Details on a new PC class – the mystic – whose divine magic is used to receive strange portents of the present and the future
  • Stats and a template for the nightlings – ravenous alchemical creations with black, chitinous skin and a dangerous gaze
  • An appendix of characters for the PCs to investigate at the university
An adventure for characters of Levels 6-8

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Christina Stiles