Penumbra: Seven Serpents

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Here Be Dragons

Dragons are wily and wise creatures of vast intelligence and consciousness . . . and their dens reflect this. Herein lie seven dragon lairs and the serpents that inhabit them. Following in the footsteps of the Seven Strongholds, Seven Cities, and Sacred Ground sourcebooks, Penumbra: Seven Serpents includes:

  • The Blue Rat: A blue wyrmling has taken up residence in the palatial home of a djinni. The creature has become a nuisance by leaving droppings in the djinni's turbans and attacking servants. Despite his best efforts, the djinni has been unable to catch it, so he needs some exterminators . . .
  • The Dragon Moot: Every few centuries, representatives from each of the dragon breeds gather at a fallen tree nearly four miles in length. Here their leaders put aside their conflicts and discuss larger matters at hand. The current sheriff is a young half-gold/half-green dragon named Kusig who has no idea how to keep the peace.
  • Cliffside: A juvenile copper dragon's lair is built into the side of a cliff, and is protected with traps and puzzles to ensure that those who seek her out deserve her help. Visitors who are unable to fly must rely on ropes and other climbing gear.
  • The Last Dragon Rider: The silver dragons of Talis Hall once served as warrior-mounts for the knights who dwelt there. Now the last of their number wanders its desolate halls, searching for the cure to the vampirism that decimated his fellows.
  • Tithe Bend: Frail and undersized from birth, the black dragon Dunstitz realized that the hoard he craved would require the very essence of dragon cunning and guile to attain. Posing as a river spirit, he collects the tithe that sailors throw over the sides of their ships.
  • Smoke on the Water: In the middle of a mining camp, the blazing hot body of a comatose red dragon generates the steam used to power drills, boring devices, water pumps, and smelters. The silver spike shoved through the dragon's head is the key to its imprisonment.
  • The Darkness of Space: A great gold wyrm has built her lair in the darkness of space. She survives through a combination of spells and magic items, and is served by an army of constructs. The lair houses a powerful artifact that keeps a terrible evil at bay, and the dragon does not take kindly to intruders.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Richard Canning / Chris Dolunt / Chris Jones