Penumbra: Seven Civilizations

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96 pages


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A d20 System Sourcebook of Fantasy Cultures

Craving a little culture in your campaign?

Far lands, strange peoples, and exotic wares may seem like standard fare to most players, but every good GM knows how much effort goes into creating a compelling game setting. Let Penumbra: Seven Civilizations do the work for you, with seven distinct cultures designed to blend seamlessly into your D20 System campaign world. If you liked Seven Strongholds and Seven Cities, expand your horizons even further with Seven Civilizations!

  • DRAGON KINGS: The Dragon Kings once mixed the power of dragons into their own bloodlines, breeding dangerous sorcerers and dominating all who opposed them. Now, the Dragon Kings are a decadent remnant of that once-mighty race, dreaming of rising once again to dominance.
  • TAKALAS: A realm of wonders and dreams, where magic is used by all as a part of everyday life. Music grows on trees, crystal towers touch the sky, and rainbows flow across the land like water. But this surreal paradise is well hidden, and foreigners are rarely welcome.
  • WIND RIDERS: Nomads of the open plains, the Wind Riders owe fealty to none. They migrate through many different lands, tending to their herds and honing their battle skills mounted upon giant flying birds called kylorns.
  • SILVERGATE: The city of Silvergate sits between planes, and any mirror can serve as a gateway to this haven for smugglers, explorers, and fugitives. Anyone can buy passage . . . if the price is right.
  • WILDING TRIBES: A loose confederation of barbarian tribes afflicted with lycanthropy. The Wilding Tribes' ranks swell with the infected of surrounding nations.
  • MONDIAN EMPIRE: A collection of city-states, ruled by an Imperial family but held together by the power of psionics. The elite psionic operatives of the Mindguard oversee internal security, while the Imperial legions, bolstered by psions and wizards, keep the borders safe from enemy incursion.
  • KEL TAERA: Though Kel Taera has been forgotten, the indestructible orbs that preserve the spirits of its revered heroes remain. Now awakening into a new and unfamiliar world, these heroes intend to reestablish their lost kingdom.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Keith Baker / Rick Neal