Penumbra: Seven Cities

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Bring Your Cities to Life.

No more generic innkeepers! Out with the bland blacksmith! Now Penumbra: Seven Cities brings you a wealth of vibrantly populated places to use in your OGL fantasy campaign.

Whether you're looking for a convenient refueling station after a hard day of plundering the local dungeon, a circumspect place to pawn hard-fought-for riches, or a quiet little town to call home, Seven Cities provides communities chock full of politics and intrigue, love and hate, life and death. Seven Cities features:

  • An introduction offering rules and insights for generating fantasy cities of your own, delving into the politics, commerce, geography, history, power centers, and population that make a city come to life.
  • Seven discrete chapters each detail a specific size of city; a thorp, hamlet, village, small town, large town, small city, and even a large city are all described not only with maps, but also with unique personalities that guarantee PC interaction.
  • Later chapters refer to earlier ones, so that some of the inhabitants of the thorp show up in each of the larger communities, playing similar roles in every instance. This makes it easy to pick the size of the city you want and make use of as much of Seven Cities as possible.
  • Seven Cities is also designed to help tailor any city to work better in your campaign; add new life to it, and let it throb with the pulse of the people who make it their home.

Like all Penumbra products, Seven Cities gives you material adaptable to any fantasy campaign, whether it be a published setting or a world of your own creation.

Written by Matt Forbeck