Penumbra: Sacred Ground

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A Sourcebook of Holy Sites

The Blessings of the Gods Come Not Without a Price

Continuing in the tradition of Seven Strongholds and Seven Cities, Penumbra: Sacred Ground presents four plug-and-play holy sites useful as PC home bases, as adventure settings, or as lairs for the characters' next adversary. It features:

  • Gabriel's Aerie: A small, verdant island of earth floats one mile above the surface of the world, supporting a temple dedicated to the myriad spirits of wind and air. Its marble domes shine resplendently in the sunlight, and winged creatures drift lazily around the temple on warm air currents, while temple priests don membranous frames - artificial wings – in order to join them.
  • Retreat of the Warrior Saint: The oldest surviving temple to the Warrior Saint – a minor deity who once led the common people against their oppressor – is a training school for those who would learn to fight against tyranny by using common tools and their own bodies.
  • Summer's Barrow: Each autumn, the Summer God comes to a secret location and dies, his body lying in a massive burial mound guarded by his faithful until his spirit returns to re-animate it in spring.
  • The Necropolis: A vast, barren necropolis island is maintained by the Order of the White Rose – servants of the god of death. These priests must carefully weigh every decision to raise or resurrect a mortal who dies within their purview.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by James MaliszewskiRick Neal / Chris Jones