Penumbra: Occult Lore

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All the myriad secrets of magic . . .

Wizards study their academic magics in great halls of learning; sorcerers discover their spells through innate talent; clerics call upon the gods for a share of divine favor. But what of those magic-users who delve into the less well-charted realms of the mystic traditions? What of those who tap into the power of the heavenly spheres, or use the secret essences of the plant or mineral kingdoms to distill potent magical concoctions? Those whose gift lies in drawing spirits or elemental forces to do their bidding, or who can explore the twisting paths of a dreamer's mind? What of those whose very presence tampers with the familiar magic of arcane and divine spellcasters?

All these find their place in Occult Lore.

Penumbra: Occult Lore is the definitive tome of alternate OGL magic systems. This 240-page hardcover tome contains new spells, magic items, creatures, PC and NPC classes, prestige classes, domains, and in-depth rules for ten new magic traditions:

  • Alchemy allows the Arcane Healer to tend to his patients in the absence of a Cleric, and the Grand Alchemist to pursue the immortality granted by just a drop of pure philosopher's gold.
  • Astrology places the wisdom of the stars into the hands of mortals; horoscopes can predict a character's future, the most auspicious time to explore a dungeon, or let an Astrologer control the subject of a nativity from afar.
  • Solar Hierophants embody the sun itself, becoming celestial creatures, while Lunar Mystagogues become the masters of magical secrecy, exerting their dark power over creatures of the earth and underworld.
  • Elementalism turns the forces of air, earth, fire, and water to the will of the spellcaster, until the Elementalist transforms herself into one of the elemental creatures she commands!
  • Geomancy gives magic-users access to the power of ley lines, dowsing, and the innate magic of locations to enhance their mystic abilities – sometimes beyond their own control – or even to create fearsome zones of antimagic.
  • Herbalism is the craft of the Wylderwitch and the Grand Herbalist – the plants of the field become healing poultices and powders, magical concoctions that can extend or shorten life, or even Verdex that "bind" spells for later use. Occult Lore features Baird's Botanical, an extensive appendix describing twenty mundane and magical plants and the concoctions Herbalists can distill from them.
  • Magical Imagination gives Heraldic Wanderers the ability to construct fabulous Memory Palaces from shadow and illusion.
  • Oneiromancy grants access to the dream worlds where id-hounds roam, Lucid Dreamers manipulate dream reality to fit their own deepest desires, and secret knowledge or transient magic items are the treasures of a sleeping mind.
  • Rational Magic lets science and Logic displace the power of magic. Rationalists strip targets of their spells and special abilities with well-reasoned argument, and even cancel the effects of magical weapons and armor.
  • Spirit Cultivation is the Gleaner's art of capturing the fleeting remnants of a soul, and slowly teaching it the ways of power. Gleaners nurture these souls first in a cloak of remnants, then transfer them into reliquaries to invoke the skills and spells of the spirit, and finally use focal charms to control spirits with the power of the gods themselves!
  • Sympathetic Magic uses ritual points to toss spells across continents – all a Mage needs is a lock of hair to curse an enemy for a lifetime!
Written by Keith Baker / Adam Bank / Chris Jones / Scott Reeves / Elton Robb