Penumbra: Maiden Voyage

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40 pages


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Horror on the High Seas

An adventure for first to third level characters.

There's a tale you might hear in a tavern by the docks, if you catch an old sea dog on a dark night laden with rum. He'll tell you of an all but forgotten sea god with a hatred for the living and their ships that so brazenly cross his waters without offering the blood sacrifice he demanded in the days of yore. The god's powers have waned, as brave sailors of all the races bravely cast off in search of far horizons and treasures to fill their holds, but on the darkest of days his might returns. The grizzled sailor may have known someone who set sail on the Sea Maiden, just before such a day three decades ago, and never returned. Others may tell you the crew no doubt ended up hanged as pirates in a distant port. But your storyteller assures you he knows better: the dark god of the sea had his vengeance - and he will have it again one day soon.

Penumbra: Maiden Voyage features:

  • A plot easily added to any game with a sea journey.
  • Diagrams of two seagoing vessels for players to explore.
  • A cut-out section of NPC stats and background for easy reference.
  • A new monster, the Sea Scourge, and a new monster template for GMs to apply to their accursed victims.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Joseph Browning / Chad Brouillard