Penumbra: Fantasy Bestiary

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368 pages, hardcover


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A Monster of a Book

Nothing quite defiles the memory of the dearly departed like a winged lizard telling you your great-aunt's personal secrets in her own voice, while scratching itself immodestly.

Marrow dragons and more than 200 other original monsters make up the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary. The beasts filling these pages go beyond the atmospheric description, evocative illustration, and solid d20 System stats for which Penumbra is known. Springing from history, myth, and imagination, these creatures are suitable for any fantasy d20 System campaign.

The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary includes:

  • Concept icons that convey a creature's focus at a glance.
  • Adventure seeds designed to inspire GMs and players alike.
  • Extras like new gods, new spells such as form water, possess construct, and soul charm; potions and poisons like the cloud bottle, oil of debilitation, and salve of cold immunity; and new magic items like the dream scepter.
  • 23 new monster templates like fey-blooded, blink creature, and half-giant.
  • Familiars such as the dracotick, fright owl, and the naryanese snapdragon; mounts like the kanershee and poukai; and creatures advancing by class like the leshy and fomoraig, all listed for convenience in the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary's extensive indices.
  • Listings of creatures alphabetically, by type (and subtype), by terrain, and by challenge rating, as well as complete supplemental summoning tables and an appendix of select new d20 System material that make finding the most gruesome creature for your next encounter fast and easy.

The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary is an essential addition to every d20 System library!

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Edited by Michelle Nephew