Penumbra: En Route

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128 pages


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On the Road to Adventure.

A d20 Encounter Sourcebook.

You've scoured the dungeon, looted the dragon's hoard, and lived to tell the tale of your brave deeds. Now it's time to push on to the next village, where still more fortune and glory await . . . but you have to get there first! On your path lie the centuries-old remains of forgotten wars, strange hallucinogenic plagues, homicidal innkeepers, bloodthirsty magical weapons, demonic livestock, not-quite-abandoned temples, sloshed spirits, bands of thieving children, alien creatures, conniving bandits and brigands, profiteering carneys, mischievous fey, and a host of other obstacles to complicate your journey.

Penumbra: En Route is a collection of short encounters that GMs can easily insert into longer adventures of their own design, or use as transitions between published modules. En Route goes beyond glorified battles with random monsters; the encounters strive to be innovative concepts that can stand on their own merits, and that can be played in less than one hour's time.

The En Route sourcebook includes:

  • 21 unique encounters ready to be played at a moment's notice.
  • New magic items and artifacts like fairy gold and the spirit wine; poisons and potions from ergot to liquid sunshine; weapons both magical and mundane, some even created on alien worlds; the new spell idol's ally; magic traps, monsters, and special abilities like Permanent Invisibility, Rebirth, Engulfing Slam, Poltergeist, and Drunk; new d20 rules for dealing with a shaken faith; and a mob of new NPCs ready to captivate your players on short notice.
  • Quick-reference appendices arranged by new d20 material, encounter location, and Encounter Level, to make finding the most suitable encounter or your favorite crunchy bits fast and easy.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Justin AchilliKeith Baker / Joe Crow / Scott H. P. Drew / Matt Forbeck / Will Hindmarch / Spike Y. Jones / Alex Knapik / Rick Neal / Michelle A. Brown Nephew / Scott Reaves / John Seavey / Matt Sprengler / Eric Tam / John Tynes