Penumbra: Dynasties & Demagogues - The Sourcebook of Political Intrigue

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Everybody wants to rule the world.

Rulers make history; Dynasties & Demagogues helps you make some history of your own with an in-depth look at the hidden rules of political intrigue and power brokering. Players are challenged to unravel the schemes of duplicitous enemies and allies alike as part of their characters' own rise to power. For GMs, Dynasties & Demagogues affords a close look at the nitty-gritty of political campaigns fraught with plots and counter-plots, assassinations, duels, and changing allegiances, all tied together in an intricate web of power relations.

Dynasties & Demagogues is a 160-page toolkit for running and playing in political adventures in any OGL campaign setting. Designed for both players and GMs, it provides:

  • New spells like scryjack, which lets you take control of a scrying spell and show its caster only what you wish him to see, and absorb information, which transfers written information directly from a book to your mind.
  • Magic items like the tiny surveillance device called the fly on the wall, and the seeking arrow that carries a message up to 6000 miles through the air to land at a named recipients feet.
  • Feats like Commanding Voice, Inspire Frenzy, and Information Network.
  • Prestige classes that allow characters to become professional bodyguards, conspiracy leaders, information mages, religious leaders, and even rise to a position of power like that of the true demagogue.
  • Details on maneuvering within eight distinct political settings, from anarchy to empire, with examples of how fantasy elements like magic and demihuman races impact them.
  • Easy-to-use rules for conducting debates and elections.
  • Blueprints for political adventure and campaign construction, plus six sample adventures and two campaigns for GMs to customize.

After all, ruling the world can be even more rewarding than saving it.

Written by Christopher Aylott