Penumbra: Beyond the Veil

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An Adventure for Characters of 9th Level and Above

An Undying Menace

The northern reaches of the Derideth Swamp were once plagued by a rampaging dragon, named Storamere. He took a mad glee in attacking human villages, wiping out orc camps, driving off the lizardfolk, and decimating farmland. He met his untimely end, though, in an ambush devised by the monks of the Order of St. Chausle. Storamere died with a curse upon his draconic tongue: "You could not have defeated me in my lair," he told his slayers. "I am forever invincible in my lair."

Now Storamere is back, with a horde of his misshapen half-dragon offspring, to have his vengeance. All that remains of the once-heroic monks are two old men driven mad by their last encounter with the black dragon, so it falls to a band of adventurers to again defeat the mighty dragon – this time in his palace, where the boastful Storamere claims he is at his strongest.

Penumbra: Beyond the Veil is a d20 System adventure designed for characters of 9th level and up. It includes:

  • Stats for the deviant Storamere's half-dragon progeny, including a monstrous stone giant, umber hulk, giant constrictor, manticore, carrion crawlers, and dark elves, all with dragon parentage.
  • New d20 rules for dragon bloodspawn – those creatures with a quarter dragon blood in their heritage – and stats for a bloodspawn vampire.
  • Maps and damage rules for navigating Storamere's lair, a semi-solid palace made of a dangerous, corrosive liquid and located in another plane.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Monte Cook