Over the Edge: Weather the Cuckoo Likes

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The Cut-Ups Project Sourcebook

This is the weather the cuckoo likes, armored division submissive to vernacular the world into a gambling birdhouse velocity.

The Cut-Ups Project is the Al Amarjan wing of the Chaos Boys, an international (and interdimensional) group devoted to thwarting the plans of Control Addicts everywhere. If you know Al Amarja, you know it's full of control addicts!

The Cut-Ups don't attack the various conspiracies they oppose, but instead strike out at the very fabric of reality on which all of their insidious plans depend. As a sourcebook, Weather the Cuckoo Likes will bring you along on the Cut-Ups' outrageous exploits. It features:

  • Descriptions of individual Cut-Ups, from the Andalusia Dog to noted game designer Robert "Doc" Cross;
  • Foes of the Cut-Ups, including the unfathomable Koanhead;
  • The Coatless Code, which guides the Chaos Boys (and also fits very nicely on a placemat);
  • Optional Cut-Up Rules: a completely new approach to game mechanics, for OTE or any other game, based on little scraps of paper with words on them;
  • Cut-Up Technology: fringe devices, from the Cut-Ups Machine itself to the Collective Unconscious Swizzle Stick;
  • Two Complete Adventures, to throw your PCs right into the zany fringes of Reality that the Cut-Ups call home!

Written by Robin D. Laws