Over the Edge: Unauthorized Broadcast

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'Unauthorized Broadcast' OTE Adventure Not To Be Missed!
NORTHFIELD, MN - Atlas Games proudly presents Unauthorized Broadcast, by Robin D Laws, the latest in its line of adventure resources for Over the Edge, the roleplaying game of surreal danger.

Potent New Drug What happens when you add a potent and unknown drug to the volatile society of the Edge? The player characters find out the hard way.

Burger No More
If they keep their wits about them, the player characters can wheel and deal with major players of the island. Can they handle the pressure and come our way ahead, or do they snap under the pressure?

Mixed Blessing
Explore the delightful consequences of having something for which people would pay dearly, or kill.
"When we found it, we couldn't believe our luck. When the assassination attempts started, we believed."

Al Amarja topic for discussion on Computer Networks
THE EDGE - Al Amarja Today has learned that, despite ongoing government efforts to minimize publicity, our placid island has become a topic for discussion on international computer networks, such as the Internet and America Online. On the Internet, there is even a mailing list devoted to discussion of Al Amarja and the Edge.

Stefan Giogopolous, a spokesman for Monique D'Aubainne, historic liberator and current shepherdess of Al Amarja, commented: "Apparently these people are convinced that Al Amarja is the fictitious setting of a roleplaying game. So long as this remains true, Her Exaltedness sees no reason to intervene."

This Adventure Features:

  • Varied Cast: GMCs from various power groups can serve as long-term allies or recurrent enemies.
  • Flexibility: The conclusion of this story is entirely up to the player characters. Their fate is in their own hands.
  • The Meaning Of Life: But is it right? You decide.

An Over the Edge RPG Adventure Resource

Robin D. Laws, a major contributor to the Over the Edge game, unleashes another dose of his special brand of madness on the gaming world. Two bitter Polish expatriates settle a wager over human nature in a shocking way: by distributing to unwitting persons a drug that broadcasts their innermost thoughts to all around. Chaos ensues, and fate drops the player characters into the eye of the storm, when the drug lands in their hands. The course of play and the result of it all – whether the PCs strike a deal with one of the many interested powers that be, parlay a new position of power for themselves, or wind up dead over the Brink – is entirely up to the players' tastes and talent.

Written by Robin D. Laws