Over the Edge: Players' Survival Guide

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Come to Al Amarja - Where Nightmares Go to Breed . . .

You're sitting on a park bench on a sunny afternoon, just watching the world go by. A ragged middle-aged man walks past, a paper bag with a liquor bottle clutched in one hand. Tagging along at his heels is a large tabby cat. Just as they are leaving earshot, the man mutters something you don't quite catch.

"Of course I'm not real," says a strange, high voice. "Get serious. You don't think a real honest-to-God talking cat couldn't find something better to do with its time than hang around in the park with you?"

Over the Edge is the roleplaying game of surreal danger. It features innovative mechanics, a revolutionary approach to character creation, and rich game setting.

Now, the Player's Survival Guide makes OTE more accessible than ever. It's specially designed as a complete guidebook for players, but GMs and even players of other RPGs will find new and useful things here too.

  • Freeform Character Creation: The only limit is your imagination. The PSG includes the basic information from the OTE rules, plus expanded examples.
  • African PCs: New information on creating player characters from African cultures.
  • Simple, Adaptable Mechanics: Spend more time role-playing, less rolling. This book explains all the essentials of OTE mechanics, including combat.
  • Advice: Helpful tips on role-playing, and how to survive and prosper in the surreal setting of Al Amarja, from several experienced OTE players.
  • "Meeting the 'Martians'": Vignettes of Al Amarjan life.
  • Props: Including an updated character sheet, all-new maps of Al Amarja and the Edge, and the Burgerguide, a "tourist brochure" for newcomers to the island.

If you dare to go Over the Edge, this is the book for you.

Everything A Player Could Want

This is the player's rulebook for the Over the Edge roleplaying game. It contains all information that is open to players – from character generation to game mechanics – from the main OTE rulebook. In addition, it contains a wealth of new material, such as the "Burgerguide" (to acquaint newcomers with the Edge), new directions for character development, and hints and tips on play.

Written by Jonathan Tweet