Over the Edge: It Waits...

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"It's harmless . . . " the guy in the suit had said. Well, it may be harmless, but what about the big rats, the tiny mice, the psychic cats, the blood-sucking cockroaches, and whatever those things were that kept watching us?

It Waits . . . in a dump where the bubbling pools of toxic waste are the least of your worries. It Waits . . . in a place called Deadville, where even the Glorious Lords don't care to mess with the "locals." It Waits . . . in the dark and dangerous sewers under the Edge, where death can come with a roar or a whisper. It Waits . . . for you!

It Waits . . . features:

  • Strangeness: An adventure only Doc Cross could write.
  • New Ideas: Several distinctly Al Amarjan plants, animals, and other living things, as well as a few new "interest groups."
  • Flexibility: Snare the PCs in any of several ways, then let them decide how to handle themselves.

Written by Doc Cross