Over the Edge: House Call

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House Call at a Glance

• Break the few rules that Al Amarja keeps by stepping into a pocket dimension with this Over the Edge first edition supplement.

• Extensive background information on the House makes it easy for you to integrate it into your existing stories. That hidden artifact? Why not put it in the House?

• Puts a new twist on the rules of the Edge, with a horror-filled slant. Thrill your new players and challenge the experienced ones with this adventure resource.

More about House Call

The Edge isn't for the faint of heart. This surreal landscape is full of strange and dangerous things. But the House is extreme even by those standards. This pocket universe is a land of madness and truth. A place where physics don't apply. A dimension of danger and riches.

Add the House to your plots any time you like using this adventure resource for Over the Edge first edition. Thorough background information on how to access the House and its inhabitants and layout allow you to integrate it into your own stories at will. Or use the sample adventure to give you a night off of game prep. This resource can be tailored to introduce new burgers to the weird world of the RPG, but it also introduces some extraordinary strangeness to challenge more experienced players.

House Call is out of print. It requires Over the Edge first edition to play.