Over the Edge: Friend or Foe?

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Who Can You Trust?

The chain-smoking man can show you around the Edge for cheap.

The pale-skinned Englishwoman can get you in touch with the magician you're looking for.

The officer from the Center for Paranormal Control assures you she won't bust you for having an unregistered psychic power, provided you fill out a few forms.

A charity caseworker is asking lots of questions about your neighbors' personal lives.

A sharply dressed Japanese woman wants to know the name of the bully who used to beat you up on the schoolyard.

Dr. Hamati is once again giving his infamous lecture on "Caste, Class, Status, and Mediocrity."

It all seems innocent enough, but this is the Edge, and you know better.

Friend or Foe? is a collection of thirty-four Game Moderator Characters for Over the Edge GMs. Now, whenever you need to add more plots or personalities to your game, they are here at your fingertips. Whether you need heroes or villains, local color or a plot device, romance or suspense, a nightmare or slapstick, you'll find what you need right here.

  • Each GMC includes story ideas, giving you scores of plot seeds.
  • Descriptive tags and lists of GMCs by location make it easy for you to find the GMC you need in a hurry.
  • New, inside information on the Edge's city government, AIDS on Al Amarja, the Mystic S— community, and the Center for Paranormal Control.
  • New fringe traits, new mysteries, new weird science, and new patrons.

Written by Richard Bark